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this was the most humbling experience i have had in a very long time. the bravery of the dad to fight for our country, and the bravery of the mom to raise a little guy practically at home is so moving to me. i get discouraged when i haven't seen my kids in a few hours, he hasn't seen his son since christmas. wow...

blessings to you guys.

The Fortenberrys






i will be posting more from another session from this family soon. all i can say is they are my heros.

The Corley's at the beach








i have photographed this family so many times and each time it becomes more and more special. when i started shooting them #3 was just a tiny little baby and to see these guys grow up is so special to me. about a month before this shoot, we discovered that we would be on vacation at the same time, so we had to sneak in a shoot! since this shoot they have moved to jackson, ms so i am not sure how many more times i will get to photograph them which makes me very sad! best of luck to you guys!

The Thomasmeyers





i love these 3 people!

when mommy is away...

Daniel and Allison Reception Low Rez 11

Daniel and Allison Reception Low Rez 18

Daniel and Allison Reception Low Rez 21

Daniel and Allison Reception Low Rez 22

Daniel and Allison Reception Low Rez 23

Daniel and Allison Reception Low Rez 24

...the kids dress themselves, we eat at chick-fi-la (a lot) and go to the zoo...fun times

contax g1
28mm 2.8
cheap china bw400cn

Ava turns 4!

ava's party 10

ava's party 12

ava's party 11

ava's party 14

ava's party 16

ava's party 13

ava's party 8

ava's party 9

ava's party 31

ava's party 30

ava's party 15

ava's party 18


ava's party 19

ava's party 21

ava's party 20

ava's party 23

ava's party 22

ava's party 24

ava's party 27

ava's party 26

ava's party 29

ava's party 1

ava's party 2

ava's party 4


ava's party 3

ava's party 5

ava's party 7

ava's party 6

yes, longest blog post in history, i know

april 15th, my ava turned 4. its crazy to think one of my babies is turning into a little girl, but that is just what is happening.

kelly laid out the most amazing spread of themed decor. since the party was easter weekend, we had and easter party! complete with easter eggs and rabbits!

ava, i love you and i am so proud of the little girl you are becoming!

nikon f100
fuji 400h
yashica mat-124g (square images)
portra 400